Health, Safety, Environment and Community (HSEC) Policy

University Paton Instruments recognises the importance of protecting the Health and Safety of our employees, clients, visitors and sub-contractors whilst caring for the environment and supporting our local environment and community.

Our Goal

  • To acknowledge safety and continually work towards “zero harm” to our people, the environment & communities
    associated with projects and activities under University Paton Instruments management and control.

Our Commitments

Health & Safety:

  • Compliance with our policy
  • Implement designs for safety principles
  • Healthy and safe workplace environment
  • Eliminate or minimise injury and illness
  • Establish health & safety programs, as appropriate, for each project
  • Develop our health and safety program based on our health and safety management system
  • Comply with applicable health and safety legislation


  • Operate our facilities in a safe and environmentally sensitive manner
  • Plan and design safe, clean, facilities for our clients to minimise waste emissions and discharges
  • Strive to continuously improve our environmental performance based on goals and compliance with all applicable legislations

Sustainable Development:

  • Minimise ecological carbon footprint from project design and construction, through to all operations
  • Thorough planning, design and construction of our projects to ensure we develop sustainable principles


  • Individually and as a company, we support our local communities and professional societies
  • Respect the sensitivities and cultural heritage of our community within the influence of our projects


  • Give our employees the training, opportunity and encouragement to participate in HSEC matters pertaining to our projects
  • Establish objectives and targets for the implementation of this policy
  • Sustain continual improvement by reviewing our HSEC performance annually

Responsibility and Accountability:

  • The responsibility for leading the implementation of this policy resides with the senior leaders of our business
  • Every project leader is responsible for the implementation of this policy on their projects
  • All employees have the responsibility to work safely using the training, technical resources and safety equipment provided and to care for the health, safety and wellbeing of themselves and others