Shipping & Returns



In cases where University Paton is responsible for delivery, the Customer is responsible for the unloading of equipment from either our or the carrier's vehicles. 

Times or dates given for delivery of Goods are given in good faith but without any contractual obligation on the part of the University Paton.

University Paton shall not be responsible for any loss caused by any delay in delivery and time of delivery shall not be of the essence of the Contract unless agreed in writing.

University Paton however reserves the right to make partial delivery of the Goods and each partial delivery shall for the purpose of payment be deemed as a separate Contract and will be invoiced respectively.

The Goods may be delivered by University Paton in advance of the quoted delivery date unless specifically excluded by the Buyer in their written purchase order.

University Paton's liability for non-delivery shall cease if the buyer has not notified the seller of the same within seven days of the invoice.

The method of carriage will be at University Paton's discretion unless otherwise agreed.

University Paton retains all legal title to goods and/or equipment supplied to the Customer until the goods and/or equipment have been paid in full.

GST & Sales Taxes

We are required to automatically charge and withhold the applicable GST for orders to be delivered to addresses within Australia.

Each customer shall be solely responsible for all sales taxes, or other taxes, on orders shipped to any other country.

Damaged or Incorrect Merchandise

We will, upon your request, repair or replace any merchandise that is received in damaged condition or as a result of a picking error.

No material will be accepted or replacements issued without prior approval to return such merchandise. Filing of claims will be our responsibility.

Return, Repairs, Replacements, Refunds, Exchanges & Credits

Under normal circumstances our policy is not to give refunds, exchanges or accept credit returns.

We will repair or replace any incorrect, damaged or faulty goods so long as they have been operated correctly and within accordance of normal useage guidelines. 

The Buyer may not return the Goods or any part of the Goods after delivery unless an approved returned goods authorisation number is obtained in advance and a copy of the same is issued to University Paton upon return of Goods as evidence of acceptance of return.

Acceptance of return shall not be considered to be an acceptance of return for credit.

Following return, the Buyer shall be notified of any offer to take back the goods and only after subsequent agreement can a credit be issued.

University Paton will not under any circumstance accept for credit any Goods returned without approval and will not be held responsible for their disposition.

In the event that University Paton agrees to accept Goods for return by issuing a returned goods authorisation number the following conditions will apply to the return of such goods;
a. with the exception that the return is a result of an incorrect supply made by the Seller all freight charges incurred to return Goods to the point of supply must be prepaid by the Buyer.
b. reference to University Paton's goods returned authorisation number must accompany all retuned Goods.
c. Goods to be returned must be either the original supplied quantities or in full pack quantities and be in “as new” saleable condition.
d. Goods specially ordered on indent or those of a custom nature are not returnable
e. applications for return of Goods must be made within 14 days of the original invoice date.